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Your Cat is Lost... Now What?...

Well... You're A Nervous Wreck... You Don't Want To Read A Website Full Of Tips!  So, Take A Breath, Call Us, and We Will Walk You Through What Needs To Be Done, and Help You Find Your Cat!

SCV Residents Missing Pet Help Hotline: (661)-402-2251
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What To Do
Report Your Lost Cat To Our Hotline So We Can Help!

Your Cat Has Just Gone Missing

- Close off your house and check EVERYWHERE inside and out.  Cats are known to hide very well in very crafty places.  Check once, and check again.  Remember that scared cats won't necessarily make noise, so don't expect your cat to call out for help.

 - Start to canvas the area your cat hangs out in whether it's inside or out.  Search high and low (literally).  Remember cats can sneak into very small places.  A scared or injured cat won't make noise, so keep looking.  Don't call out or make lots of noise as this could scare your cat away.

- Go knock on your neighbors doors, and ask if they have seen your cat.  Ask if you can search their property.

- If you still haven't found your cat, it's time to make flyers and posters.  Here's an example of for flyers: Click Here, and Click Here for Instructions for Signs That Are Vital For Your Cat's Recovery.

- Post your "LOST CAT" Flyer on social media: FACEBOOK!   Make sure to post it to facebook.com/ScvLostPets we will get to cross-posting it as soon as we see it!  Don't Forget Craig's list!

- Be sure to put flyers in all the local VETERINARY OFFICES, PET STORES, DOG PARKS & Local Stores.  Tell local postal workers/UPS/FedEX that you lost your cat.

- Check your local animal shelter website for your pet EVERYDAY.  For Santa Clarita it is Castaic Animal Care & Control.  You want to make sure you check the lost and found section.  All strays are considered "lost and found" for 4 days unless they have some form of identification.  After the 4 days they become adoptable to the public.  (I.E. if your cat has been missing for more than 4 days make sure to check both the "lost and found" and the "adoptable cats" section!)

- PHYSICALLY GO TO THE SHELTER EVERYDAY.  There are computer glitches and not everything always goes as planned... do not let your dog fall through the cracks.  For Santa Clarita it is Castaic Animal Care & Control
Castaic Animal Care & Control is located at 31044 N. Charlie Canyon Rd. Castaic, 91384 (661)- 257-3191  map it
Open: Monday- Thursday 12 PM - 7 PM   Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10 AM - 5 PM

- Place a lost and found ad in the local newspaper/classifieds/pennysaver

- Post a lost and found ad on Craigslist http://losangeles.craigslist.org/laf/

- Go to all the shelters within a 50- mile radius of where your pet was lost.  Your dog may have traveled beyond your local shelter's service area and be sitting at a neighboring shelter.

- Alert local rescue groups too.  Someone may turn your dog over to them instead of the shelter hoping to save them.










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