We are here to help you find your missing pet or find the home of a pet you have found.

If you have a Sighting of a loose pet, please call our hotline: 661-402-2251. 
Please note: our hotline is for sightings only.  If you need other assistance please e-mail or private message us on facebook.  Thank you.

If you have lost, found, or seen a loose pet please post to our facebook page asap!

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Reuniting with pets isn't something you should have to do on your own... we're here to help you!

SCV's Missing Pets
Below is a live feed streaming from our SCV's Lost Pets Facebook Page.


We offer phone consultations for residents of Santa Clarita Valley and the surrounding areas.  If you have lost or found a pet please let us know so that we can help reunite our furry friends! 

If you have seen a pet running down the street but it was scared and ran away, please report the sighting to us!  Sightings help reunite furry friends as often lost pets are frightened and need their owners or experienced helpers to collect them. 661-402-2251

For those of you not in Santa Clarita, the information here is still very helpful, but we have geared it toward our area.  Contact Missing Pet Partnership!  They have a national hotline and help displaced pets on a national level! 
They can be reached at (253)-529-3999. 





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